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Blade Operator's Thumb Remedy

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After our previous discussions about holding in the button while pushing dirt with a front blade, I came up with an easy fix this evening. Only takes a few minutes. Just have to drill one hole. The latch on the lift arm is made from a U shaped piece of flat bar attached to the lift arm by a pivot pin. I depressed the release button and inserted a piece of one eighth inch material between the latch and the upper edge of the quadrant. This holds the latch in a position above the latch notches. I then drilled a small hole through the front part of the latch, through the lift arm, and through the rear portion of the latch. I then depressed the latch with my thumb, removed the spacer plate and inserted a nail through the drilled hole. The latch remains slightly off the quadrant and will not engage the detents. I plan to make a nicely formed pin and attach it to the quadrant with a lanyard or small chain. Because the pin goes through all three pieces, it is held straight and tight by the latch spring, but does not require a tight fit in the hole. If anyone else decides to do this, I would advise that you keep the hole and pin size to around one eighth inch to prevent significant weakening of the latch. This is not quite as elegant as Dutch's foot rests, but it works. Rod H.

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Two ways to do this. Either remove the disabling pin, or insert another larger pin into one of the holes already drilled into the quadrant just below the detent notches. I have a pin that fits those holes, with spring loaded ball detents to keep it in place. Any pin the right size will work since the load of the blade will hold it in place. I think a 3/8 bolt is approximately the right size. My 61 Wards has detents only at fully up and fully down. If you want a stop anywhere in between, you must use a pin. Rod H.

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