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A.C Homesteader like B-208?


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Saw a couple times in the last few years an A.C. orange body with white  hood style like my yellow B-207, but haven't been able to find out anything about them. Would like to see if I could find a runnable one, but the only Homesteaders I have seen are the flat hood ones, and those are not runnable in their present condition.  Don't know if there might have been a special run, cause the 2 I saw did not look like repaints of B-207 or B-208 hoods.  Nothing is showing in our reference material on this site about them.


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The orange and cream B-208 was a short lived animal.  Most beleive it to be a transitionary model, taking the former yellow out of the lawn tractor line, but retaining that flathood B series look.  They are tough to track down.  The biggest differece, beside the hood, between a B-208 and a Homesteader, is the transmission.  The B-208 would have used the Peerless trans, while the Homesteader shifted to using the Simplicity small frame trans.  The benefit of that change, is that the Simplicity trans has a rear PTO for tiller and revitalizer use.  Something like a HiLo is also them much more easily found.  The HiLo for a Peerless is a very rare accessory.


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The raised hood door was only on the B-208 that year. The orange and white B-207's had the flat hood.  Have seen a small handful of these orange and white B-Series at tractor shows.




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Thanks for the info, guys.  Didn't know they were that rare. May have to just look for a decent runnable Homesteader, then.  The B-208 would have been a nice mate to my yellow B-207.

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