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Seat Time - Starter switch connections


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Well finally got some seat time with my 6216 tractor (new starter worm gear).  We finally got some real snow here in Massachusetts.  Got a foot on Saturday.  Tractor/Snow thrower ran great! And it threw snow further with re-sanding, rust restored and painted thrower.  

The only issue was it took 6 times for the starter to get power to turn starter and start the engine.  I've checked all grounds I can get to.  Thinking I have a lose or poor connection on the switch plug behind the console.  My lights stopped working so something is going on in there.  Has anyone had starting problems/light problem because of switch connections?



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Switches do go bad. Not uncommon to have to replace them. I would check all connections and make sure they are bright and shiny before ordering a switch. Check the battery connections as well. Loose battery terminals can make electrical items act up.

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The PTO switch on my X540 Deere (has about 8 wires to it!!) quit working and I wired a simple on-off switch across the correct two wires to finish the job.
Put a new one in, and it failed right away!
At the same time, I got a no-start situation.
The problem had been the brake pedal switch all the time! Another thing about the brake pedal switch was that it shut the deck off if activated. This can be aggravating if you are using the brake to slow down mowing downhill!!  I unplugged it, bypassed it at the wire harness plug, and the tractor started (with the brake off). And the deck keeps running with the brake on.
Figured that would not be a problem, until I started the tractor one time with my foot on the forward pedal!!
Guess I'd better replace the brake switch and do a bypass on the deck shut-off.

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