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Rear blade


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This is an idea i had and wondered if anyone else had done it before,a blade the goes in the spot where the tillers lower mount connects and is raised and lowered via a connecting link to the rear lift. If you fellers have done this or are able to poke major holes in this idea feel free to share.


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Brinly makes a 42" sleeve hitch rear blade. I would think the ground would have to be worked, like with a tiller, before using the rear blade, due to not enough blade weight. The grader had stirrups so you could stand on it to engage the ground.

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Hello, here is a diagram with dimensions for the sleeve hitch  that fits most simplicity's

I have seen them lifted with a solid rod or a chain .

Ray S makes & sells them



Thanks Ken in Mi

1371125544254 (2).jpg

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Solid rod on an early one like I posted above gives you down pressure.

On the later RBT with the cable lift, you cannot apply that pressure.  Weight alone creates the down force.

It is a fine line on the enough down pressure to scrape, and lifting up the wheels though...........

That's where the Earthcavator shines, use the teeth to loosen, then rotate the box to remove the loose stuff.

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