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Simplicity 3314v


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Hello all,

Im new to this and I just bought a Simplicity 3314v that runs like a sewing machine. I need any info on making this thing a stock puller. It definitely has the weight, and info i can glean would be awesome 


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Welcome to the club.  I moved your post to this forum, the forum where most questions are asked.  It will get a lot more exposure here.  

There are a few pullers such as @720nut and @MikeES (I think) that may be able to offer some advice.  


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Welcome and ask away and we'll try and help.

 I run the larger mini's but have run the smaller lawn tractors years ago ,  one, stock 18 hp Sears , two, modified stock,  20hp Sears , 16 hp Cub cadet and two, Super stocks , 20+hp twin in a CubCadet  and a 45+hp  Cub with Allis Chalmers sheetmetal . Was a very busy day to say the least, but very enjoyable.


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My son and I started pulling in 1998 with a 3314V that we painted like an Allis.  We were very successful in the Stock and Hot Stock classes.  A couple of things to be aware of... one of the vulnerable area of these tractors is the axle tube and differential.   I suggest you take it apart and replace and tightly fit all keys.  I didn't do this and broke a diff on the 3rd pull and then the axle tube a few pulls later.  After the rebuild, we never broke anything again (15 years and at least 20+ hooks per year).    Also we tweaked the variable system (played with the adjustments) to get more speed and tight control.   We would clean the pulleys and belt every few hooks.

After 2 years we made a couple of different tractors (still AC) with 18hp single and 20hp twin and we put straight (quickly changeable) pullies on.

The 3314 is on the right.  The trophies are what each tractor had won over the years.


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Those are some nice pulling tractors you got there,The middle one, "ACE"looks like it has won its fair share. Any of them win you any moula?sm03


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Many of the trophies were won when my son was under 14 in a trophy only classes.  After that it was $ and or trophies.  The best we did was taking 1st place ($50) with both Ace and Deuce, in both weight classes…= $200 for the day.

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