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Can someone break down the seats on b series allis chalmers garden tractors. What models take the same seats? They look very similar with small differences maybe? Do any mount differently? I see some seats without arm rests? Where they optional or did someone take them off at some point? Thanks for the info. 

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All of the large frame B-Series had armrests. The seats for B-1 through Big Ten shared the same dimensions. The B-1 did have black armrest pads with a different material than that used on the seat back and base. Starting with the late B-10 the backrest pad height was increased.  Up through then while there were differences in pads, the brackets and mounts remained the same. When the B-100 series came out the pad dimensions again changed, the mounting brackets changed and the material was now “heat pleated” rather than sewn-in as on the B-1 through late B-10. All of the B-100 through B-200 use the same framework, brackets, armrests, and pads, except some of the small frame (B-206, B-207) which had plain black molded seats. 

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1 hour ago, B10Dave said:

Chris; the B12 had different frame, seat back, back pad and color. It was not the same as the late B10.

Ha. Totally forgot about the B-12, and I have one here with an older new Wells Implement (Speer Cushion Co)  seat on it. 

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