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9020 optional tires


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With the arrival of the snowblower attachment for my 9020, I'm interested in rear tire options. What have you guys gone with for rear rim/tire combinations in metric sizes? I have the wide traction tires that evidently are wider than the snowblower is.

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Those wide tires were intended for floatation, and tend to slip and slide a lot.  It's also more difficult (and more costly) to find chains for them.  Turfs and chains are probably your best bet for snow, and are dirt cheap.  I recently treid to sell two OEM sets, one like new, and couldn't.  I ended up giving them away. 

Another option is the 8-16 turf tires used on Case/Ingersols.  Those are very common, also very cheap or free, and bolt right up.  They are narrower than the turfs that were oem for the Powermax, and would give additional ground pressure and traction in snow.  THey are probably the least attractive of the bunch though, depending on how strongly you sway to form vs function.

8-16 AG tires are an option, but these are pretty desireable, most costly, and sometimes hard to find.  Chains won't fit them perfectly, and in my experience, the lugs are more easily damaged than other tire options, especially when chained up.  But, never turn a set away.  I have been searching for a set for 8 months with no luck.

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