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3416 H Deck Belt question


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I need a new deck belt for the 48" deck whose part number is # 1691219. I know that a 85" v belt is too small for this. Anyone know the correct belt size or part number to order?



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The arbor belt for the MFG# 1691219 48" deck is Simplicity part# 1657044, a 93.1" HA belt.

The deck drive belt for a 7000 series tractor using a MFG# 1691219 48" deck is Simplicity part# 163011 (71.6" HA belt).  It's NLA but its superseded to Simplicity part# 1722039, a 71.4" HA belt.  I believe your 3416H would use the same belt.  


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Hello PhanDad;


In your view is it worth the extra money to purchase "Simplicity" brand belts?

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I tend to stay with Simplicity belts for most of the applications.  Some of the size profiles are a little different than aftermarket.  There should be a belt profile page in tech section.

Also Simplicity belts are designed to run on their back and twist.

That said, the straight belts like BGB to Trans, I have successfully run good kelvar aftermarket, Gates etc.




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I used to use Simplicity belts exclusively but as their relative price has risen over the years I started using Kevlar belts as Greg mentioned above. 
I found VBelts4Less and they have some Simplicity specific belts that cost a bit more than their regular inch size Kevlar belts and I use them now. 
For example here’s their arbor drive belt for your deck:


If you’re on their emailing list, they’ll let you know about sales and I usually order several at a time to minimize the shipping cost. 

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