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Simplicity 2210 Landlord - oil seal behind the brake drum


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Hey folks, I've posted here before I think, but it's been a while.

I've owned my 2210 since around 1991, planning on passing it to my oldest son upon my transition.


OK, I've got an oil leak behind my brake drum on the side  of the primary drive gearbox.  Going down hills with a load has become very exciting on this old tractor when the brake slips!

I will check first to ensure if the previous owner simply overfilled this gearbox.  If not, then the seal is bad behind the brake drum.

I actually scored a service manual with all part#s exploded years back on eBay.   However, I cannot seem to find this seal positively looking at the exploded geartrain.

I'll pull it apart next week to be certain, but if anyone knows in the meantime the PN, please post it up.


All the best.... love the old LANDLORD, the way things USED to be made!




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so for old tractor posterity, here are the seal #s listed in my manual:

154263  (Oil Seal)

154269 (seal)

157619 (oil seal)


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25 minutes ago, DET17 said:

154263  (Oil Seal)

I believe that's the seal you need.  On an old 3 speed tranny, I believe the only shaft protruding from the left side (as sitting on tractor) is for the brake:




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PS - That's the same seal # as the small BGB input shaft.  It's been superseded to Simplicity part #1612093SM; it's for a 3/4" shaft, 1-1/4" OD x 1/4" thick.

Alternate part numbers:

CR 7443

Timken (National) 470954


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On 5/20/2022 at 9:23 PM, oldsarge said:

Hey, I was in  1930 Comm grp -Det 17 in Alaska in 1964

Well as I was just 4 years old at the time.... I can't take credit for that one!


FYI - the final drive transmission was overfilled as I suspected..... probably drained out 3 quarts against a spec value of the 1.5 quarts.   I've got some LUCAS 85-140W that I'm going to install to the proper volume tomorrow.  The seal itself is complete and still pliable.... lip showing is in excellent condition.


Simplest explanation that fits the facts.... the most likely cause. Forgive the word play......  I'll circle back if this solves my issue OR if I do end up needing to change the seal.  Appreciate those who provided the crossover PNs, thank to you indeed!   BTW, found a seller of parts for these old beasts on eBay.... stans17.     Anyone seeing the pattern here?

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