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Deck Mounted Turbo - How to level deck


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I have a late model Sovereign with a deck-mounted Turbo (1692257) on the 48" deck.  The weight of the turbo causes the deck to mow at least 1" lower on that side.  Any ideas on a permanent remedy other than running really high pressure in the tires on 1 side and really low on the other?    I never without the turbo, so I am not concerned if it would mow unlevel without the turbo.

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I ran that setup for years and didn't experience that issue (at least to that extent that I would notice).

I would think something is bent - the end of the roller bar?  Left side mounting bracket?  

I'd take the turbo off and see if anything moves up.  Then with the deck set at max height, perform the leveling procedure.  

Here's a set of pics of both sides of the deck - it appears fairly level:




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I agree with Bill. I ran a similar setup on a Legacy and never noticed an uneven cut. Something must be bent or worn out. Check both you roller inside and outside diameters. 


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