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QC hydraulic fittings on 9020's


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I need to replace the two front hydraulic female QC fittings on my 9020. Is there a Parker (or other brand) direct replacement for these?

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Not without also replacing the male ends from what I understand. Are yours leaking?  I've replaced the small O-Rings in them before but that's about it. 

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FYI, I replaced the leaking hydraulic quick disconnects on my XL with Parker. I replaced both the male and females. I am unable to attach Parker catalog because it is a .pdf file.

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Simplicity PN’s    173358     ¼” NPT coupler body            (ball valve)
        173359        ¼” NPT coupler nipple            (ball valve)
        173360        ¼” NPT plastic dust plug        (ball valve)


Simplicity PN’s    173358     ¼” NPT coupler body            (poppet valve)
        173359        ¼” NPT coupler nipple            (poppet valve)
        173360        ¼” NPT plastic dust plug        (poppet valve)

       Notes:    Simplicity part number is same for PowrMax and Sunstar!!!

       Simplicity coupler for PowrMax is a ball valve coupler.
       Simplicity coupler for SunStar is a poppet valve coupler.

       Ag/farm tractor couplers are mostly ½” NPT

SafeWay Equivalents:

        SH20-2        ¼” NPT complete coupler        (ball valve)
        SH25-2        ¼” NPT coupler body (female)        (ball valve)
        SH21-2        ¼” NPT couple tip (male)        (ball valve)

        SH20A-2P    ¼” NPT complete coupler        (poppet valve)
        SH25A-2P    ¼” NPT coupler (female)         (poppet valve)
        SH21-2P    ¼” NPT couple tip (male)         (poppet valve)

        S44-2        dust plug (protects coupler body)
        S49-2        dust cap (protects coupler tip)
        S460-2        coupler O-ring



        Material                Steel                Measured Body Diameter            ~0.835”
        Valve Type            Poppet or Ball            Measured Snap Ring Groove Diameter    ~0.805”
    Seal Material            Nitrile (Buna-N)            Snap Ring Size                7/8”
    Temperature Range        -40 to +250 F
        Coupler Size            ¼“ (6.3 mm)
        Rate Flow            3 GPM (12 LPM)
        Overall Length (A)        2.52“
        Body Length (B)            1.94”
        Diameter (C)            1.09”
        Wrench Flat (D)            0.75”
        Diameter (E)            0.88”
        Tip Length (F)            1.35”
        Diameter (G)            0.86”
        Hex (H)                0.75”
        Description            Complete Coupling (connected)
        Thread                ¼ NPT
        Body Size            ¼”
        Maximum Operating Pressure    6000 PSI (414 BAR)
        Series                SH20
        Lock Style            Ball

Leak-free poppet valve or rugged ball style valve available.
Compact design with smooth, reliable ball latch connection.
Interchangeable half-for-half with the Parker/Bruning SM Series and Aeroquip FD48 Series of quick couplings.
Poppet valve models are 100% leak tested.
Heavy-duty double shut-off valve design available with either soft seat poppet style valving or ball valve.
Poppet valve models feature our high flow poppet design with fully captured poppet seal to eliminate seal washout and leakage.
Available in 1/4" body size with female threads. Both pipe threads and SAE O-Ring Boss (ORB) are available in a variety of sizes as standard.
Parts are zinc and yellow chromate plated for corrosion resistance.
Critical parts are hardened for long service life.
Machined from solid high carbon steel barstock.
Heavy-duty dust plugs and dust caps are available.
Method of obtaining and presenting performance data conforms to ANSI/(NFPA)T3.20.2.R2, Hydraulic fluid power - Quick-action couplings - Test methods.


SafeWay SH20 Series Coupler Interchange:

 Aeroquip FD48 (poppet valve) Motion Industries
            SH20 – 2P    FD48 -1000-04-04    – complete coupler
            SH25 – 2P    FD48 -1001-04-04    – coupler body
            SH21 – 2P    FD48 -1002-04-04    – male tip
                    FD48 -1042-04        – dust cap/plug

Parker/Bruning SM 250 (poppet valve)
            SH20 – 2P    SM-250-4FP        – complete coupler    ??
            SH25 – 2P    SM-251-4FP        – coupler body
            SH21 – 2P    SM-252-4FP        – male tip
                                – dust cap/plug

          C602-04-04        – male tip

SafeWay:        SafeWay Hydraulics, Inc.        (20 miles SW of Minneapolis, MN)
            4040 Norex Dr.
            Chaska, MN 55318

       800 222 1169 (952 466-6220)


PS: I ordered fittings from Fastenal but the special order minimum was pretty high.



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FYI, I orderd extra Safeway male tips for my XL back in March from a local hydraulic vendor.  Expect to see them by end of summer.

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