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Variator pulley access, cleaning and repair


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Hi all, I have to acces my variator pulley on my 6216 tractor which either has a frozen pulley that does not slide or it doesn't swing on it's mount.  I have to pull back the brake pedal manually to have the tractor drive full speed while going uphill.  


What the best way to access, service the pulley and/or it's mount?


Thanks Dave

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I always just ran the tractor and set the variator to about half speed, then stopped it and crawled under and removed the belts.  Then you can slide the inner sheave of the pulley vack and forth and clean and lube the shaft it slides on.  Use a teflon product, for me that worked the best.  Then replace the belts.  The spring for returning the clutch to engaged position has an adjustment to tighten the tension.  Also, the pivot for the assembly can freeze up, but I never had that happen so I can't give any advice on it.  I would think that when you have the belts off you can work the pedal and see if that pivot is free.  I don't remember if there are grease fittings on that pivot point or not, but somehow I would try to lube it, even if its just spraying some penetrating oil on it.  Then in the book there is an adjustment procedure for the variator that should be done.

Hope this helps.  


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Thanks Steve.  Spring tension on the pedal return is maxed out at the moment so I know there is something wrong with the variator.  Dave

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