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"new" Simplicity 4212H no speed control


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Hello from Wisconsin!

I recently purchased my first two Simplicity tractors. A big 3415H with a plow and 42" deck and a smaller 4212H with the 36" mower deck. The 4212H was in "running when parked" condition and sat in a garage for years after the elderly owner decided to hire a lawn service. After charging the battery, draining the tank, cleaning the carb, and fixing some wiring, I got her to wake up with a shot of starter fluid. I replaced the leveling bolt on the deck (which was being held up with wire) and the PTO fired up spinning the blades nicely.

Something is wrong with the hydro drive. When I push the level in the smallest amount to forward, it makes a squealing noise and goes full speed forward, almost doing a wheelie. I've been into classic power equipment and cars for a long time but I'm new to tractors and hydrostatic drive. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? Is there a service manual for the 4212H?


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Thanks, I will change the hydro and gear oil this weekend. The belt from the engine to the transmission is rough and I think that might be causing some of the noise. I sprayed some Kroil on the linkage and dump valve shafts and worked the lever back and forth quite a bit. I guess something was stuck from sitting. The speed control works great now and I was able to successfully test it by mowing my front yard.

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