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In the past I have rebuilt the BGB's on my 3416 H tractors, all with good luck with them.

The problem I have here is I have maybe ten hours on this rebuild job, and it starting to make noises already. All new parts , seals, bearing, gears were used and assembled with care same as the other ones. It kind of resonates with some old time mechanics i knew where sometimes you would just get a case that was bad, and couldn't make the darn thing work. 

Also most manufactures list end play specifications and so on, but never could find this tech data for instance with end play.



Any help is certainly appreciated.


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The BGB is designed with "no end play." The gear lash is determined by the machining of the BGB housing and the dimension and tolerance stack up of the internal parts.

Make sure: the driver ball bearing clamp plate is against the ball bearing, 2) the clamp plate screw is tight, 3) the driven gear is against the ball bearing, 2) the ball bearing is against the bore in the housing, 3) the RH seal is against the ball bearing, 4) RH seal shims - install enough thin shims so 1/2 the thickness of the thick shim is sticking out past the side plate machined surface. Bolt on side plate and 5) torque clutch pulley nut to 45-55 Ft-Lbs.


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Did you replace any shafts? There have been a few possible cases lately of shafts possibly not being hardened properly. 

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I rebuilt mine on a 65 Landlord a few years ago, and found that the new input bevel gear was cut incorrectly. It made a heck of a racket on startup, so I immediately took it back apart, reassembled everything, "just to be sure" Same noise. I took pics of the new gear and sent to Sandy Lake, they sent pics of another gear back. Completely different. Got the new gear, and still going strong, I could not compare to the old gear, since there were not enough teeth for comparison.

BTW, OEM needle bearings are half compliment. A good supplier such as Motion Industries can supply them as full compliment. You will have more bearings running with a full compliment, and should last longer. I will try to locate my bearing info if the above post does not work for you. However, my shafts are 3/4, yours are larger, 7/8, I think. None of the bearings I used were OEM. OEM is currently made in China, unless you find new old stock

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On 7/13/2022 at 5:24 PM, Horvik said:

.what is the definition of "half compliment" versus full?

A half compliment bearing has half the rolling elements, or, needles. There is half the bearing surface in the bearing. Full compliment bearings have more bearing surface on the shaft. A half compliment bearing is not a bad bearing, just not as good as full compliment. You are trying to support a shaft with a rolling element(bearing) it is better supported on a full compliment bearing. The bearing should last longer with a full compliment. Cost? Less than twice as much. Longevity? Indeterminable.

When your machine came from the factory, it had full compliment needle bearings. To save money, the OEM suppliers cut half the needles out and replaced them with a plastic cage

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