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My Father's B-10

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Help is needed from the experts.  My father is really considering selling his beloved B-10 as at 90 yrs old he has done little with it recently. About 5 years ago he had it running smoothly and then that is when it came to stay with me safe and out of the weather.  He has had this tractor for at least 50 years.  He would love to see it find a home with someone who appreciates it as he did.   This is where I need your help,  what is the value on this B-10?  I apologize as this post would be more fitting in the heading "what is it worth", but I could not post in that heading.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   I believe I can find honest answers on this page that is why I joined.   Thank you much







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I have an early B10 that I personally won't take $750 for. Now I added Carlisle Tru Power rears, tri-rib fronts, new seat and hydrolift. However, I doubt I would have many offers either.

Looking at photos I cannot tell if grill is complete and that would help. My best guesstimate for our area is $300-$400. Get it running and I would think $400-$500... Good luckdOd

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I would concur with Gene on this one. It appears to have been repainted at one time, can't say with 100% certainty. If it has been repainted Gene's prices are in-line. If it is a true untouched original might be able to get north of $500 with it running.

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