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First post - second Simplicity.


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Here's my first Simplicity since the 70's -though that one was a significantly smaller unit.

I scored this one off of C-list and after a couple of back & forths to look at it and an aborted attempt to get it started... it's now mine and has already done significant work.

It's. '73 and has a touch over 400 hours.


Now, a couple of questions:

It has a really bubba'd replacement for the right-side tin that covers the right-side head. I mean REALLY bubba'd as in it looks to be a piece of sheet cut from a single-wide.

Anyone know where to score one of these? I'v searched the first 3 pages of parts returns in the internets of things but no-joy.


Secondly - It currently runs the bucket and the hoe off of the single front hydro-pump. I see a couple of very interesting videos where there is a pump that remains with the hoe when disconnected and runs off of the rear PTO. Cessna I think. Any line on where to find the right rascal for this outfit?


Now, I'm off to prowl around the rest of the forum.


Regards, Todd.

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