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AC 712H rear trans fluid filler tube


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I have an early AC 712H, with a rear trans fluid filler tube located
on the LHS of the rear axle. I'm using 90-EP trans fluid. I can only
get 2 Tbsp of fluid in at a time, then I have to wait while the air bubbles
get worked out. Does anyone have advice on how to pour more substantial
quantities of fluid down this tube?
(Please reply to my son-in-law at sdevi3@cyberus.ca)
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Your 712 should use the gear case for the reservoir for the hydro. This uint should have Simplicity Multi-Purpose Hydraulic oil which is a light oil, not 90 Gear lube. I know they call out 10w-30, 20w-50, type A, Type F , Sae 30. etc for various tractors depending on which transmission they have. Since this is what they call out for this appplication, I wouldn't know anything else to use. The earlier 3400 and older tractors with Vickers hydros used Gear lube in the lower drive case, which is separate from the hydro. In this application the hydro pumps the oil up from the lower case.
To put oil in it on the left side of the gear case above the axle you should find a pipe elbow with a plug in it, with what looks like the head of a nail in the plug. This is the vent. Pull up on the "nail head" looking pieca and it is just like an engiine valve, it vents the air out of the upper case so oil will go in the fill tube. With out holding the vent up it will take forever to put oil in. Good Luck, Al
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Ralph, when you say LHS are you saying the "left hand side"? The fill location is in the back of the tractor (a 3/8 pipe with a pipe cap on it) this is where you fill with automatic transmission fluid as per Al instructions. If you are missing this fill tube; you will need to get a manual or order parts from Sim. as the length of this is very critical.
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