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Kohler K301S ignition

lynn Mack

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I have an AC 312H with breakerless ignition. Does anyone have information on obtaining a Kohler ignition coil, part # 236826-S. Failing that, is there a way to convert the engine to run a breaker or other breakerless system. Also do you know of an engine, new or used, that could be swapped in. Thanks

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That coil is on e-bay for$19.99 You can't put points on it because there,s  no hole in the block for the plunger or place to mount the points, I don't know about breakerless systems 'cause I'm old fashioned. I like battery/coil systems. Any 10,12,14,or16 hp Kohler will fit. The flywheel/drive side is the  same,but you have to make sure you got PTO side to match the mower drive.Works better if you fudge in an electric clutch and a 400 series mule drive. Or you can put in a a tecumseh OH-160 or 180 with the adapter I came up with 20 years ago.............................................PS this is entered  10 days after I started , 4th of July night storm took down the elevator leg the ISP and my own antenna blew down &  full service just restored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Thanks for the information about points and engine swaps. The guy who is selling the breakerless conversion kit never answered my calls and his online instructions baffled me. I guess I am too old too.

I have checked ebay periodically for the coil but have never seen it there. I think there were two breakerless systems used. The coil I need is part # 236826-s which no one seems to have. I did find one in a bone yard a few years ago and certainly got my moneys worth out of it but it seems to be failing now. The engine runs OK in the cold but when it gets hot it starts to misfire and eventually stops. If this is the coil you saw on ebay, I will keep checking and hope one turns up.


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FYI, Midwest Super Cub sells 1) a bracket and cover to use Chevy points or 2) a crank trigger and magnet ring for the Kohler K-Series.

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