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Help with No Start

Paul M.Murphy

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Paul M.Murphy

First I would like to thank Dave and Smilin Sam for their info about the transmission oil and regular oil. It must be (Murphy's law ) but today I could not get it started. THis is the 1st. I've attempted to start it since last fall when I put it away for the winter. It was starting and running great when I parked it for ther winter. Today it would not start so I put some gas down the breather and it just ran out. I still have not found where it is coming from other than below the carb. I also took the spark plug out and I could get no spark when I hit the starter. I was wondering if it might be the coil or just a bad plug. Any thoughts? I'm not as skilful as many of you guys are so it is a learning experience. 

If I get use to the web site I might be able to answer a lot of my own questions. Thanks for your  patience.

Paul Murphy

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  • PhanDad changed the title to Help with No Start
On 7/7/2022 at 8:18 PM, Paul M.Murphy said:

If I get use to the web site I might be able to answer a lot of my own questions.


Changed post title and moved this post to TT forum from Senior Moment forum (Senior Moments is for "For discussing your foibles and shortfalls").  

TT forum("General discussion of garden tractors and garden tractor-related issues") is where you should post most tractor related items - the post will get much more traffic and hopefully some replies.  

See the "Forums" page for definitions of what each forum is about:  



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