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I have noticed the last few yard mowings, that the Briggs in my Landlord seemed a bit..well, weak, did not like to run like it used to. Yesterday, it simply quit. I checked the fire. Nothing. So, look at the points. I had washed it over the weekend, maybe I needed to get the water out. Cleaned the points, no fire. Changed to a new condenser, nothing.

A few months ago, I bought the Briggs and a bunch of other repair parts at an auction of an old hardware store that also repaired small engines. I bought it for way less than the brand new 3 1/2 HP Briggs short block would have cost. I need a short block, so that was what I was buying. Along with it came 6 boxes of assorted parts that I intend to catalog in cooler weather. I thought why not look to see if a new Briggs condenser might be in, and found so far, 3 new sets of Briggs points for my engine. For the heck of it, I cleaned them and put them in today. The old points, made in Taiwan, according to the label, look brand new. The Briggs points? Fired right up. I had to adjust the carburetor leaner. It will now start cold or hot, makes no difference. I used to have to let it cool a bit. Not now. I was afraid I was looking for a new mag because of the hot starting situation. The only situation I can think of is that the insulator cracked and was leaking fire.

Anyway, another reason to buy OEM instead of knock-offs. I will try to list the parts, may not go to the effort of listing what they fit, but at least catalog part numbers and quantities. Prices? No good ideas, yet, but I have a lot of old Briggs parts. Rods, valves, valve springs, floats, governor springs and linkages, mufflers for smaller engines, gas caps, another cylinder, a couple tanks, 3-5 hp tune up kits, carb kits and parts, diaphragms, Found that just rummaging through the boxes

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