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Front tine tiller-what lube?


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Starting rehab of this AC front time tiller. Question: does the worm gear drive take 80-90wt oil or corn head grease? Probably have a manual on the shelf somewhereA0D09A19-A8F0-489D-8096-94F020902ACA.thumb.jpeg.c82110880bb12103b973f4f6b2ad2a01.jpeg

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Mine continued to leak, and looked like it would put up a fight to get tines off to replace seals.  Finally I put grease zerk in place of pipe plug to accept gun grease.  I give it a couple of shots each time I use it, I'm guessing most of the 80/90 is gone by now.

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I recall the instructions calling for NLGI grade #00 grease. I could not find it at the time, but now internet search does show up some. Supposed to have the viscosity of apple sauce! "Corn head grease" is also shown on internet as NLGI grade #0 grease, with the consistance of brown mustard.

I suspect eighter will work better tha the 90-140 gear oil, chich runs out of the gear case after a few days.

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No idea what it calls for, but, if mine, would get 00 grease with EP additives. Did that in a 85 Troy-Bilt a few years ago to stop leaks at the axles. No more drip, and the tiller has been used likely more than when it was originally purchased. Snapper requires it in their chain drives, anything liquid will simply drain out. 

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