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Legacy deck height adjustment motor replacements ?


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Anyone know if the little electric motor assemblies on Legacy decks (to adjust the cutting heighth) are the same as some kind of automotive power window motor?

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I take it there's no manufacturer's sticker in the motor.  When I was looking for a replacement spout rotator motor (newer "Regent" style 42" snowblower with same tunnel configuration as the standard Sovereign blower), it had a sticker and I was able to find one online at the Robot Market Place:


(Prices are up more than double from 11 years ago when I made my purchase, but still much less than the current Simplicity price).  

Maybe they sell a motor similar to what you're looking for.  


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On 8/2/2022 at 4:15 PM, PhanDad said:

Pretty much same  parts number on the one in this deck here.  404 277... a VALEO part number.  Simplicity part number also on a sticker on this one is 1715885.

The 404277 unit probably will not cross directly over to a automotive power window motor because window motors generally uise a 12 pt gear instead of a threaded end.  However, the power window units  of Valeo manufacture may share the same bolt spacings. 

Ran into this on the old 70's GM power window units used on spout rotators for simplicity snowblower attachments. On those the motor units for the blowers and the car window motors were all the same with different drop in drive gears used for the variety of applications.

Drop in gears is not the case with the Valeo units. However one can get creative in using 12 pt sockets creatively reworked to make use of the window gear on the unit.

Looks like Valeo made window units similar to this style  1999-2005 or so for some GM applications.  Have to do some more digging....

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