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I have about 2 acres of lawn thats mostly hard pan
dirt that crab grass does well in. I'd like to get hold
of an attachment that I see landscapers use. It looks
like a long cylindar (about 5 ft) that has spikes on
it and spins brakes up the top few inches of dirt,
leaving it fairly smooth and ready to seed. Does
anyone know what this is called..? I'd like to either
purchase or rent one...
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Hi ED, I beleive it to be called a power dethatcher or power rake. They are used to remove excess thatch- dead grass-leaves-ect. They can also be set to loosen up the soil as long as it is not packed to hard like clay. If so use it when the soil is damp. The dethatcher or power rake has heavy gage wire tines that rotate in a circleler motion. They work very well for there intended purpose. I hope this answers at least part of your question if not- maybe someone else can help you. Thanks->jackl
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I will take a stab at this question. What you describe might be what is called a "Harley Rake". It is intended to be hydraulic driven and mounted on a skid loader. Check with your local rental outfit and see if they have a skid loader with the Harley Rake.
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Thanks Mike, Fred and mywaysup.
I poked around on the internet yesterday and found that
Mike was right. What I'm looking for is called a Harley
rake. I found a rental place here in Charlotte that will
rent one for 54 / day. They call it a pulveriser.
So thanks again for the responses.
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