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IT'S A WRAP!!! (and then some)


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We have been in this house on two acres for 24 years this month.
In all those years, I've mowed across water hoses and electrical cords with no problems.
Until today . . . .
Surprising how fast 20' of garden hose can wrap up on the spindle!
In addition to the garden hose, I had more problems. The sump pump drain goes to the ditch south of the house, then on to the county ditch. It is a buried 4" PVC pipe, with the last 12' or so of exposed half-buried green sewer pipe. I had reworked it about a month ago, and have been driving over it mowing with no problems.
But today as I crossed over it, the blades cut chunks out of them and mulched the pieces up REALLY good! Some were down to dime-size!
The only thing I can figure out is the ground is so dry that it had shrunk down, putting the pipe up enough for the blades to catch it.
I red-necked the fix, of course!
Solid 4" pipe then to an open-top (thanks to the mower) pipe that I squeezed down to slip inside the bell end of a 3" pipe. This drains 3 sump pumps. I did the math and the smaller pipe will be okay.
Then another half-pipe over the top screwed to the 4" pipe, then squeezed down to the 3" pipe and screwed on there. Basically a 5' long funnel! The cover is so I can put dirt around and over it.
Put a flexible section at the end to carry the water further down.
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11 hours ago, SmilinSam said:

Just NO fun at all.... and not to mention the cost of garden hose these days....


I do not recall the last time I bought a garden hose. We had way too many at my previous job so I brought the poorer ones home. Two of my 100' hoses were laid out to the drip-line for my trees and have been there so long they were effectively buried. I pulled them up when I removed the dripline, so have them on the repaired reel of a couple weeks back. If a hose gets damaged I cut the damaged part out and splice it. In this case I cut the hose off and put a new end on it.

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Last hose issue I've heard concerned an Exmark mower and guy said it came out in little pieces, I try and mow around them but lately have one customer who refuses to pick up his hoses , so far no issues mowing over them , just tired of mowing around them 


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