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FDT differential inner gear


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Appears I need a new inner differential gear. (teeth ground off). Probably stems from the fact that the differential was kind of beat up when I got the "refurbished" tractor, and took me quite a while with your help to get it working - til now..  LOL.

Please look on your parts shelf to see if you have an inner gear, and let me know the cost.

Probably would purchase a good used differential if it was available and priced fair.


Thanks for the help.630d5fb6a905b_diffgear.thumb.jpg.3b9c8b13aedb9692aabde9f2c1474640.jpg630d5fc526ee0_diffpix..thumb.jpg.ffb90ce71a1a13a4e03a8f107f4465eb.jpg

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I have a cleaned up  differential of that type, all parts good, new grease.  I will have to check on the gear to be sure I have it with the diff.  





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Just let me know if you would please. I wouldn't need the outer gear/hub as I had purchased a good one on my first go round with this differential.  LOL.  Just let me know what you would need for a price via PM.  An owner close to my area is also checking to see what he has.



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I took a quick look but did not find the gear set.  I will dig into it deeper this weekend and let you know, Merle.  I'm down in Oconomowoc, so should be able to send it off quickly once I do find it.

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Brettw and Chris:

Thanks so much for your willingness to help.

I did source a set that I will be getting tomorrow.  My differential is so messed up (wobbled out bolt holes, bent bolts, etc).from the owner that "refurbished" it before I got it, that I am thinking I may get the whole set except for the outer gear/hub which I purchased the first time I tried to get this working - and it did for  a year or so, but I think that all the years of being abused by using only the inner gear for one wheel drive finally did it in!   Lol.

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