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Well after three  plus years of "just getting it done" mowing and snow blowing, my tractor finally said it's time to take care of me top to bottom!  3 years of pulling the clutch/brake pedal back so my 6216 tractor would go full speed uphill, multiple attempts to start the tractor with just clicks until the starter would go! then solenoid quit, no head lights, slight gas leak on the bottom of gas tank, crud buildup on the tractor, and mowing deck spindle failure.  Had to fix her up as she had enough!  Started the repair journey!

Fixed deck spindle with new shaft and bearings.

Removed crud on tractor with gunk so I could start seeing what's going on with the variator pulley. Removed console to access it and gas tank

Was surprised the Variator pulley did swing on it's mount and the middle pulley moved back and forth like it's supposed too. Cleaned and lubricated it.  So that was not the cause of the tractor slowing down going up hills.

Replaced the transmission belt and drive belt

Put new gas tank grommet  on

Replaced the solenoid and starter

Replaced light switch

Put her all back together, started right up, did the variator adjustment procedure and she drives up the hills like I am still on a flat surface, Mounted the mowing deck and it ran great and cut the lawn for the first time in 4 weeks (glad using a push mower to cut 30,000 ft2 is over!).  It was nice to sit back and not have to pull back the clutch brake pedal. No gas leak and my headlights work fine (ready for winter snow blowing without my head lamp).  It's funny but even the wife noticed she was all back together after seeing the grass cut.  It was a nice site seeing her all back together after being apart for a month. 

Moral of the story - Take the time to take care of your tractor and she will take care of you!







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Those variators are a real pain when they stop swinging. I’ve had a couple that were frozen to the point where the brackets were moving instead of the pivot points. 

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