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Conquest power steering


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Brother-in-law's 2014 Conquest has lost its power steering.  He has taken in to a good reputable Simplicity dealer, he has informed him that the power steering block is shot, and it is not repairable, and no longer available.   This unit came from Italy and was only used for a year or two, and is NLA.  The only options are to convert it to manual steering (which unless they change the steering ratios) will be very hard to steer.  Or put in new current equipment...but the main parts alone are over $1800 plus, all the minor parts, and labor to install.  The labor will be quite extensive as many of the steering components all have to be changed.  If he goes with the PS fix it will be pushing $3000.

Who is familiar with these newer machines, does this make sense?   What other options can anyone think of.



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Do you have an MFR # for the tractor? My 2011 Prestige has full hydraulic power steering. I believe at some point an electric over hydraulic system was introduced but I  not sure when. 

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21 hours ago, MikeES said:

Brother-in-law's 2014 Conquest

Whats the MFG# ?


I'd like to look over the parts manual and see how it compares to older conquests'


6 hours ago, maxwood said:

Hello, I have this for sale.   I don' t know what the conquest has ?



Thanks Ken in Mi

Pretty sure thats not going to work in this case.

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I finally got the Model # of the Conquest.  Model # 2690745

Search determined that the power steering unit is part # 1733409.

Parts Tree has the part in stock for $1039.73 and Jack's Small engine has it for $1069.49.

So why would the dealer say that it is NLA?   

The dealer has quoted a conversion to manual steering for $1500.00

I did not find anything on ebay.   I would not spend $1500 for manual steering, but probably spend $1100 for a working power steering.   Is it that hard to install?

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Looked at the parts diagram and see what type of PS that is.  Cant tell from the drawings how different the tractor chasis/frame is from the 2002 -2007 or so ConQuests.  On all the older ones the  bulk of the Steering systems are all the same for the Broadmoor, Conquests, and Prestiges. The only difference in the Prestiges is they add a tilt wheel  and a power assist to the manual system just below the steering wheel. Spindles, axles, tie rods, arms, and more are all the same  on those tractors.  Broadmoors got smaller wheels on the same size spindles and Prestiges got tilt wheels and power assist.

 I rebuilt the steering system on my one wore out prestige using Broadmoor steering  system parts.

One needs to compare the chasis of the old style tractors to the chasis on your tractor and see if they changed anything from the steering column forward. If they didnt, one could maybe use a older tractor to supply all the manual steering parts. I know its a long shot, because they probably made changes, but it might be worth spending some time looking into.


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12 hours ago, MikeES said:

Parts Tree has the part in stock for $1039.73 and Jack's Small engine has it for $1069.49.

Mat I suggest calling Small Engine Parts Warehouse in West Bend and get your real answer in regards to availability.

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Thanks Sam.  My BIL is Ok with spending $1300 on the new PS installed, not worth putting in manual steering for the same or more $$.  I checked value and a Conquest with 50" deck and PS in very good conditon are listed in the Marketplace at $2000 plus.   The most he can get as a trade-in as is towards a ZT is $500 to $650 as a parts tractor.

I hope that it not to0 hard to get at to install.  By the parts diagram it does not look too bad to get at.


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