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Kohler Engine


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Hello There I was hoping some of you experts would know . I have a kohler m18 that needs a flywheel. I have a chance at a kohler m17 and wondering if the flywheel will fit the m18 or are the crack shaft different sizes632b29d28df23_kohlerm18.thumb.jpg.e02c51675f06196fb4c7151837dd0488.jpg. Thanks for your help

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The KT17 flywheel may/should "fit", but I am not sure it is set up for the electronic ignition on the Magnum and I don't believe it would work.  The KT17 was a cam driven points and condenser ignition, the Magnums are magneto / electronic ignition, and that spark is generated by the flywheel?  The KT17 may be set up for a place for the magnet, but I cannot say that for certain.  I might have a Magnum flywheel around here somewhere, and I would not be surprised if the KT17/19 and the Magnum 18/20 flywheels are all interchangeable as far as "fit" on the crank.  Lastly, even if it could be set up, I'm not sure the key way is in the same orientation on the flywheels, and that will dictate the timing on the electronic ignition.

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I agree with Brett the flywheels are very different between the KT and Magnum engines.   No way to get the Magnum ignition to work with a KT flywheel, and unless you went with an external ignition trigger on the PTO shaft...no way to put points on a Magnum.

The KT flywheels look to be more interchangeable to a K single engine. 

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