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Prestige Electric PTO is stuck on the engine shaft..


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...and I cant figure out how to get it off.

2 weeks ago  was mowing at the foks and tractor started making a banging noise and the hydro belt came off.

Got it home the other day and pulled the deck. PTO bolt was a little loose. One pulley was beginning to go bad on the transmission clutch, so I replaced it.  Cranked the engine while watching the underside of the tractor. Bangin is still going on. Does not appear to be coming from the transmission or clutch assembly.  Kinda looks like something is loose in the  PTO assembly. However the PTO will not come off the shaft. Usually you take the bolt out and the PTO will just drop off the engine. This one is stuck tight....and its not a corrosion issue.

I suspect a sheared, or partially sheared key.

Anyone got any ideas on how to get the clutch off without mangling it?

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If the banging is coming from the PTO it's probably junk. As you said the key might be partially sheared and that's probably causing it to be hung up on the shaft. Might be time for a gear puller on the PTO or a little persuasion otherwise. 

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Before using a gear puller, I’d try to rotate the part of the PTO that slides onto the engine shaft opposite the direction of rotation. That might help loosen the key/key way fit. 

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I remember the mechanics having a heck of a time with some of these. It was rare that one that was frozen could be re-used after the methods of removal were applied. 

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9 hours ago, bruker1 said:

Any luck getting the PTO off?

Have not yet had time to deal with it. Maybe sometime this weekend....

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Got some good news.... The PTO clutch came off and theres seemingly nothing wrong with it

Grabbed up a 3/16" x 2"  flat steel that had a nice bend in it and put the bent end up under the transmission drive pulley , then started tapping  down on the PTO frame with the body of the steel flat. Also soaked things with Kroil and let sit 20 minutes. Another 20 of tapping and it dropped off finally.

some more good news...

Nothing apparently wrong with the transmission drive line/belt clutch/pulleys. Determined all the above from the fact that the banging was still going on after I removed the pto and drive pulley from the engine.


and then some very BAD news. While the rods dont seem to be broken, as there is still compression on both cylinders, when you turn the flywheel by hand forward and backward through the compression stroke on one cylinder....you can feel play in the rod  or piston pin?  If I had to guess I'd say something loosened up , or a cap bolt broke. Wont know till I get it out and open it up(just out of curiosity.) In any case this engine is out o service.



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