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Father in-laws 7117 drive belt


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I have to go down to Father in-laws place to replace the BGB to Hydro drive belt.  It is slipping and old.

The idler arm seems to move freely when brake petal is pushed down and released, just cannot get enough tension on the belt.


Pretty sure it was a cheap aftermarket belt, that maybe stretched.


Since I will not be in my shop want to take all the tools I need with me.  But I could not find a page in manual that shows how to do it.  Anybody point me in the right direction?


I know the front belt guard/stop will need loosened.  But how many bolts and fasteners for the Fan cover?



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I think there are 3 bolts for the fan cover. One at the back on the seat deck support. One at the front (cant remember where it bolts to...to the frame plate I think with a coarse thread bolt) and one on the bottom by the brake. That one at the bottom is the most difficult to get back in/on, as it also holds the brake band on.

If you have it apart this far, its best to remove the idler arm , pull the sleeve out, rub some grease on it and put it back in. Have never seen on that was not getting dry.

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I went down to my large frame yesterday evening.  After I cleaned of the crud accumulation  I found the three bolts.  All different sizes of course.  I agree Sam, the lower bolt will be a bugger to manage with the brake linkage in the way.

He is having cataract surgery Wednesday, so I have a couple of days to work it into my schedule.


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Taking off the rear tire is really helpful, of course that means you need a jack and a lug wrench. I don't remember the head size on the lugs. I have done this without removing the wheel, and it at least triples the aggravation.

The belt replacement itself, have every size wrench and socket from 3/8 to 5/8", and a set of sockets and extensions of the same size. I found a cordless drill driver useful, with a long extension.

Also a strap or bungee to hold the brake pedal down so you don't have to fight the spring.

I can't remember what I did last time but the brake band didn't give much trouble, it did the time before that on a different tractor. I don't remember if I put that bolt back in loosely after the guard came off or not.

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Tackled this today.  What a chore.

Front Belt stop was the easiest, bolt out and swung the part out of the way.

But the rest, wow.  Not really simple.  Three bolts on the fan shroud.  Removed the one pivot bolt on the brake linkage to get it out of the way of the bottom bolt that holds the housing and end of brake band.

After all that was off had to remove the fan from the hydro pulley to remove the belt.

Scraped a lot of greasy debris from every part.

Put it all back together, about 1.5 hours start to finish.


But in the end got it done. 

He was happy his tractor was fixed, wife was happy I helped out her 92 year old father who lives alone and maintains his acre.

He offered to pay me, said no.  But when he offered me a set of Snap-on Ratchet box wrenches he had not used in years I caved.

Hard to say no to good tools...............



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God bless him. 92 and still cutting the grass. My dad is 93 and still does his lawn with a small walk-behind Toro. He calls it his "walker". "Every old man needs a walker." I should be so lucky.

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