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Kohler 16hp bad problem


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Just pulled my KT 341 16 hp out of my 716 H to replace stator. Putting flywheel back on, impact on lowest setting, removed nut to check to see if flywheel was back on to same position as when I removed the washer and nut - it wasn't quite, so used lowest setting in impact again, then switched to 2nd position, hit it with 1 impact, and broke the entire shaft off right behind the nut.

Neighbor has a 14 hp in parts that won't run he will give me if crankshaft is the same.

Does anyone know if the 14 crank is the same as the 16?

P.S --yes, this is the same miserable tractor I have been buying parts for, and trying to get running properly for some time.


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@macallis180, I would use the Model-Spec. No. and the IPLs on Kohler website to compare the crankshaft P/Ns.

The K-Series does not have connecting rod bearings. Just replacing the crankshaft and using the old connecting rod may cause additional problems.

The impact wrench over torqued the nut causing the crankshaft to break. Instead use a torque wrench.


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Drilling and tapping to the later method of attachment is the accepted repair for this problem, Happened a lot. Google'' A-1 Miller performance enterprises'' to find out more than you ever wanted to know about Kohler engines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What size drill  would be the correct one to use to retap? 

I thought about this, but unsure if anyone had done anything like this before.

What would be the bolt size, then?

Engine sounded good, but no charge. I'm sure I'll have plenty of charging if I can reuse the engine. Stator I took out had a broken wire, and only had about 7 or 8  posts all with windings. Picture of the stator in the Kohler book shows 2 unwound posts. Stator I bought at Portage this summer has windings on all posts = 20 amp vs 15?

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Nothing, right now. Getting ready to leave for AZ, as my wifes brother is near death, so nothing will happen til probably w/o 11/14. 

Neighbor is a little more innovative than I, and he suggested the drill and thread issue too. Gonna try to drill a hole in end of crank, and thread so can put a 3/8 gr. 8 bolt in.  This will be a challenge, to put it mildly.  Will have to see if we can place on its side, and secure, then use neighbors floor drill press. No lathes, which would undoubtedly be easier.      Lol.

Will everyone know if we can make it work.  Sure hope so..

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