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Loader tires


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Ok guys so im back. Hope everyone is doing good.  i think im going to order these for me loader project. I figure i cant build a subframe without the tires im going to use. They also have them in 18x8.5 for the front so im curious if anyone has tried to upsize front and back and if this combination would work with the deck as well. Preferably a 60" deck. Also i dont know how many ply they are. Just says l9ad range B. Any help would be great. 


Thanks for all the input amd advice guys.


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Oops sorry Duetz 1920.

According to reviews they are supposedly as good or better on the grass then the OEM grasshopper tires.

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My Brother in law ordered his Kubota with ag tires and it tears up his lawn. My Legacy XL 4X4 w/ FEL has Kenda Terra Trac, 26/12/-12, 4 ply tires filled with windshield washer fluid and only tear up the grass in thin areas. 

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Ok so with Christmas looming i have held off on purchasing which is good. I forgot   to ask if anyone has put 18x8.5x8 on the front wheels and if they had any clearance issues with steering ? Thank you all for your responses 

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