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Homelite T-12 - He Who Hesitates...


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...Doesn't Get To Buy.

As you all know, I too have stopped collecting - BUT the urge is always there.

Saw this listed 3 days ago on FB Marketplace "For Parts or Restoration" :


Busted steering wheel, beat up hood, vise grip fuel shutoff, not sure the gas tank is there, etc.  

But it has a T-12 hood; I've never saw another T-12 for sale anywhere near me.  I wonder if the hood was swapped.  

So yesterday I decided to go for it IF it was a T-12 with the Vickers hydro.  So I messaged the seller using my wife's FB account.  

And based on the title of this post, you already know the result - the tractor's being picked up today by someone else.  :(

So I'll never know if it was really a T-12.

It was priced at $100.  

Oh, this was included with the tractor:


With tailgate too!

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well shucks!  It all looks T-12-ish to me.  No shifter, so either a defunc driveline or it's a Vickers.  Can't beat it for $200, much less half that.  The T-12 has eluded me for years.

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