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3416 H Reassembly Questions

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In reassembling the BGB  in this tractor I was putting back the left side plate (as sitting on the tractor) . First i hand started the four bolts on the rear end and tightened them. Moving on to the three bolts on the BGB  those bolt holes I noticed they were "forward" of the plate by about 1/4" inch, so I levered the box back to hand start them, then tightened them.

My question is ...is this about right on this tractor.? I did notice that the previous owner was none to kind to this girl.

Thank You

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It's probably OK, see how the other side plate works out for you.

I don't usually tighten any of the front frame/BGB/side plate/tranny bolts until they are all started.  Then I'll make a starting tightening round where the lock washer just starts to engage:

First the front frame to the BGB

Second the left side plate to the BGB

Third the right side plate to the BGB

Fourth the left side plate to the tranny  

Fifth the right side plate to the tranny

Then I repeat the sequence in the same order to the required torque.  


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