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QwikWay loader cylinders?


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Through an oversight of mine when I redid the loader bucket to tip back more when down (to keep the "stuff" in the bucket instead of dribbling out), 


 I failed to realize that with the loader all the way up and the tilt all the way down, the rams  of the tilt cylinders were hitting the loader frame and bending the rams. They are underpowered anyway, so I was wanting to go to a larger diameter cylinder. Been looking for an hour online at the various cylinder outlets and can find some similar but not what I need.
I tried taking these apart thinking maybe new seals and straighten the rams. They use an expandable snap-ring to hold the seal keeper in place. On one side the snap-ring was broken. I managed to get two pieces fished out, but the last piece would not come out, holding the keeper in place. On the other side the snap ring was whole, but even with it compressed all the way the keeper still would not come out.
Any recommendations where to find new cylinders?


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Man glad I never got around to doing mine , might have had to same outcome , good luck with them, they can be straightened very easily



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Ordered new ones today. Same stroke but 2" shorter when retracted, but that might be okay: I may be able to go back to the original holes, keep the back-tilt as it is now, and still dump good.  The forks will probably work the same. And both SHOULD keep the rams from bending on the frame! We'll see.
But: It's north of $500 for the two cylinders!
And $125 for four 16" hoses!!  Looking at the ticket, they didn't even bother charging for the hose, just the fittings!
But that gets all new hoses on the loader. Had eight new ones when I got it, put on a new suction hose last year.
Paid $1800 two years ago, will have $3000 in it when I get the new cylinders. 
Then on to making grapple forks. I have a cylinder on hand that should work; it was a reel-height cylinder off a 4400 JD combine. And I have the steel on hand. Of course, I'll have to charge that out to the tractor.
EDIT I:  I originally ordered 1 1/2" bore cylinders, thinking I would not gain that much by going to 2", since the ram on the 2" was 1/4" bigger. But this morning I did the math and called them up to go to the 2". About the same price.


EDIT II:  Well, dang! The factory was too quick on the order! Unable to change it. :(
So I'm stuck with the 1 1/2". But maybe new cylinders will be okay: the others have 51 years of wear on them!

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