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Rubber Skirt to prevent Clippings from blowing out


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I have been plagued by grass clippings blowing out the front of the 50 inch deck on my Landlord DLX, pretty much building up as high as they will go after mowing just a few acres. I have 2 deck shells (I picked up a parts deck a couple of years ago), and noticed that they both had provisions for installing some type of a rubber skirt along the leading edge of the mower deck to minimize the issue, but I can't find a reference to the kit online or even from my dealer. I found a thread dating to 2001 where someone did a homemade skirt, but the thread petered out without much additional information,and the link to the sketches is dead. Here is the link to the old thread: https://simpletractors.com/forums/topic/4296-grass-blowout-update/?do=findComment&comment=1

Since it seems I can't find a kit,  but  it looks pretty straightforward to making one.  I wonder if anyone is currently doing anything like this, and what kind of results they are having? I was thinking of using 3 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick rubber strips which I can get from McMaster-Carr.


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Here's a couple of posts with Al's comments about blow out (and the reason for it) and a possible problem with the anti-blowout kits:  


This might be all you need, from the above post:  

"Later they discovered that the left blade is responsible for 80% of the blowout and they came out with a little 6 or 7" long deflector that goes in the left front corner of the deck and reduces the blow out on the 44 and 50 inch decks by 80% and didn't affect the cut. These are standard on these decks now and can be adapted to the earlier decks that don't have them." 


And an Al post about blowout with the Landlord 50" deck:  



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I have a full blow-out kit installed on my 50” and am displeased with it. Prior to install this was the best cutting deck I’d ever had. Afterward it would lay over the grass and not cut it. It is OK on frequently cut grass but still not the same quality as before. If mowing my field (2-3 week frequency) it takes 2-3 passes for a clean cut. 

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