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Playing with the Loader


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Where I took out a row of trees seven years ago, the stumps are rotting away and leaving holes. Today I hauled 20 bucket loads of dirt/compost to fill them in. That was the easy part: I had to rake it down after I dumped them!

I am using this StaBil bottle as an overflow for the loader. In the past it has spit out a bunch of fluid and made a mess in the shop. It hasn’t since I put a new seal in the pump, but I put this on just in case!


The system had a vent hole in the steel fill plug. It now vents through the large cap on this bottle. The small cap is sealed with a tube going down to the bottom of the small upper chamber. If it gets full, the fluid then runs down into the main bottle through the side tube. When there is suction in the system it sucks the fluid from the bottle to the chamber then into the system.

Why this way and not just into the main bottle and use the small one for the vent? It was easier to make the connections when I first did it, and when I revamped it today (due to a poor connection in the steel plug that leaked all over the loader!) I just left it.

It also is a means to add fluid to the loader; it sucks what it needs into the bottle. (Type F fluid is hard to find any more, and I have three tractors and one Rotary hoist that uses it.)

Here is a video of it in action:

You can see the fluid sucking out of the bottle as the loader goes up, and I’m also running the tilt cylinders. When the loader is going down, you see the fluid being pushed down the side tube, then suddenly suck back up at 43 seconds. I am running the tilt cylinders there. At 49 seconds you can see the large cap push up as the bottle is venting. That is actually the child-safety cap, which I left on as a buffer for dirt.

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Love the refill function!   

FYI, Type F can be ordered by the gallon through O'Reilly.  I'm also pretty sure that Fleet Farm and/or Farm and Fleet carry it back with the ag fluids.  Both simplicities, as well as the power steering and trans in my 68 Mustang take it, so I try to keep plenty on hand.  

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