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Chinese carb problems


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 I posted a bit back (I think) about trouble I was having with the factory carb on a Kohler Command single cylinder 18hp.  When I could get it started, the engine flooded really bad. Pulling and checking the carb I found it was not a problem with the inlet needle. As i had a new aftermarket carb on hand, I changed it out and will at some point see if I can find an internal leak.

 The new carb was an improvement but not by much. The engine would run for a second and quit firing till it was almost at stall speed and then would take off again. It would gain RPMs almost to the same range every time then die back. To make a long story a bit shorter, it was the fuel shut off solenoid. It would work for a second and then shut off. Changed out the one from the factory carb and all is well.

 Part 2. I picked up a small Craftsman / Poulan chainsaw a few years back at a yard sale. It had carb troubles that a kit didn't take care of and so I looked for a new carb but a direct replacement wasn't offered. After a bit of research I found a model that should at least fit. This being another carb from China. I got it installed and it would run but not idle. I pulled the saw apart, flipped the reed valve etc but no improvement. Pulled the carb apart and didn't find the problem there either.

 I'm no longer a young man and I have a few health problems and one of those is with Cataracts. Something I didn't know at the time. A storm had broken a large limb from an Eastern Red Ceder tree in my back yard next to the garden. It in turn took out more limbs and so the thing was looking pretty rough. They are slow growing and would take years to fill back in so it was decided that it should be taken down. Trouble was that a 450 Husqvarna was the lightest running saw I had. Not one I care to be cutting limbs while on a ladder 20 feet in the air. So I returned to work on the little Craftsman. (Removing the limbs now, will fell the tree in the fall)

 As things worked out, The morning I planned to replace the carb with yet another new one, the power company was working on the lines and cut my power without warning causing me to have to work out in the sun. The carb I had ordered this time came with a choke built in while the factory used an external choke. I had hoped to get the limbs trimmed that day so didn't wish to wait on epoxy to dry if I could work around it so I tore once more into the first replacement carb. Being in the sun I was able to see what I had been missing under the lights. Pressing the inlet lever, the inlet needle did not move. A bit of adjustment and once reinstalled the saw ran great. But the oiler was messed up. Finished that tonight.

 This made me come to understand a few things. For one thing, I'll order one of those work bench lights with a magnifying glass built in for my work bench. For another, I have 2 pair of 4.0 reading glasses in the house. I will order another pair and a good case for them for the shop.  I had been having trouble for a while now with small 2 stroke engines. I hope this will be the cure.

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Good to know that you got that figured out. My feeling with any chainsaw is always wear good safety gear and don't do it when you are real tired. Kevlar chaps is something I wear also.

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