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HI ALL Here is another question i have about paint. I am re-painting a machine i just got, and i want to do the hood and the fender area. I want to bring out a nice shine and nice smooth surface. What have members done to: A) prep the surface after sanding, should i use a solvent or a tac-cloth to remove dust ect. B) after putting on an inital coat of color should i wet-sand with a fine paper to let the next coat adhere. assuming good weather how long should each color coat dry. How many coats would be enough for say a hood or a "fender area" Last but not least is it worth putting on a clear enamel on after the regular color. thanks alot john

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As with any paint job, prep work is 90% of the work. Sand your primer with 400 wet paper and use a prep solvent and tack cloth before applying color coats. If you're using single stage enamel, lay on enough paint to get a shine, without developing runs. After the paint work has had time to harden, usually 3-4 days, wet sand with 1500-2000 paper. Use a small rubber sanding pad to hold the paper to get a flat surface. Also use the rubber squeege to "wipe" the sanding area. This will show clearly your sanded areas, as well as the High/Low spots due to dirt/dust in the job. When all is sanded smooth and flat, use a high speed buffer with coarse, then moving to fine 3M buffing compunds. Be careful not to burn through the edges down to the primer or metal. Fininsh with 3M's Imperial Hand Glaze. This will give you an automotive type finish.

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