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Need part number for AC mower belt

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Also posted as: RE: AC 712H Lawn Mower Belt, need part number

First, thanks to Al and Jeff Nemes for their responses. Now I need to determine the part number, length, and cross-section shape for the OEM belt. Unfortunately the manual that Simplicity sent me
(the Owner's Manual) does not give these details. Where can I find this information? Again, I have an early AC 712H with a 48" rotary mower deck.

Many thanks (in advance).
Ralph Eames, North Gower, Ontario.

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The part numbers for the 700 and 900 and 3400 and 7100 series tractors follows:
700 series AC/ 3400series Simplicity:
Mower drive belt 42" 176439
48" 163011
900 series AC/ 7100 series Simplicity:
Mower drive belt: 42" 1666801
48" 108508 now 1713515
Spindle belts:
42" with 2 bolt blades; 108209 now 1719819
42" with 1 bolt blades 1656960
48" with 2 bolt blades 165048
48" with 1 bolt blades 1657044
Blades 42" straight: 1656144
Blades 48" straight: 1656143
Blades 42" Gull wing: 1679917 fits 1691218 mower
Blades 48" Gull wing: 1679916 fits 1691219 mower

If you are in Canada and need to find your nearest dealer you might contact Bob Aiken, Canadian sales mgr. at 1-519-751-1685

We UPS parts, but I know nothing about sending to Canada, or exchange rates, etc. so it might be easiest to contact someone up there. If I am wrong about you being there disreagard this.

Good Luck,

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Your request about the shape of the belt besides the part number makes me think you're ready to not be too picky about waiting for official parts when something else will work. When the belt on my 48" mower deck died this spring with the grass growing fast, I took all the pieces I could find to a HVAC/electrical equipment supplier. They guessed at the length, sold me a "Dayco Super Blue V-Belt" for about $15, (their part #AP84), and told me to return it for a different size if it didn't work. Haven't been back there. When the smaller belt on my hydro drive needed replacing, it took one of the local dealers more than two weeks to obtain the "official" part which cost almost $20.

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