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Landlord 1692042 deck lift switch question


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I have an early 90's GTH 1692042 and the deck lift switch stopped working in both directions, Motor is good as will take it up or down if 

I reverse the switch wiring. The replacement switch, 1707007SM is anywhere from $40-$80 , which is ridiculous.

Would any 6 pin DPDT rocker work for this? I have the wiring diagram so I could pin them separately instead of plugging it into the female harness.

Any ideas on this?


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1 hour ago, bigdoug42 said:

Would any 6 pin DPDT rocker work for this?

You need a 6-pin momentary contact DPDT switch. It returns to center (off) when released. I picked one up for around ten bucks at NAPA a few years ago.



I would check first for a good hot and ground connection from the old switch, or simply bench test it for continuity with a multimeter.

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Like stated above, a momentary 6 pin. You can get them cheap off Ebay as well.

The original plastic rocker swithes often have the pins corrode and break off, or the internal contact surfaces get dirty or corroded.  I have taken them carefully apart before and cleaned those surfaces and got them working again. Usually ruin about every other one in the disassembly though.. If the pins are in good shape you could try spraying electrimics cleaner inside and working it, but the electronics cleaner costs about as much as a new switch. Cost of things is getting to be annoying......

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I ended up ordering this switch from Amazon:

RV Designer S225, Rocker Switch, 20 Amp, 6 Terminals, Momentary On / Off / Momentary On, DPDT, Black, DC Electrical

Direct wire, direct fit. just plugged it in and snapped it into the dash. works as expected.

10 bucks.



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