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Front PTO on a 7016h


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I'm looking for info on the front PTO on my 7016h, such has any maintenance that's, lubrication, etc.  The only thing I have been able to find on a sear is the center PTO.



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Photos, photos and more photos are always the best way to communicate what exactly it is you're looking for help with. The reason you don't have anyone jumping in here is because the tractor you are referencing typically have been modified to use the mid power take off to power up the snow blower, as the front mounted electric PTO's are expensive. So, does your tractor have the electric front PTO? Or is it in need of one? Photos........photos, photos and also, photos. Not to be an asshat at all mb. But we need more info in order to help you to help yourself. What are you working with? Does your tractor need a front PTO? Does it have it? Are you clueless and need to know what you've got? Here's where Photos come in very handy. There are also manually engaged front PTO's with a lever on both sides of the driveshaft tunnel. The right hand front PTO on a 7016H is not very common, but without photos, we can't tell you what you've got, what you need or what you don't need. See my point here? Help us to help you please. Zip~

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given the age of these tractors and the number of owners the tractors have had many times the hood no longer refers to the actual tractor. The hood Carrie’s the model of the tractor but hoods can be replaced, but usually the underlying parts haven’t been changed. The experts here with pictures will be better able to assist you.  


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