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Sickle bar


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Hey everyone, need help identifying which mower this one is. I see all red ones with same pulley setup and black ones but with the newer pulley setup. No ID tag on mower.




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Looks like it fits the older footdragger tractors with the old style PTO.  Like the old B series Allis Chalmers and 3200 series Simplicity & older. Also will work on the 3300 seris RBT's that still used the old style PTO.

I've seen yellow, red and black old style mowers all with the spring assist that used the tractors lift lever to raise them up .  The really old ones did not have the spring assist and had their own lift lever mounted to the mower frame. Those were yellow and red,


The ones for the RBT tractors (3400 series/700 series and newer) were black and utilized a planetary gear setup on top of the mower frame.

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9 hours ago, Jtress said:

Thank you. Gonna use it on my newly restored 2010.


Just make sure you dont run it much faster than engine idle speed. The faster the engine rpms the more likely it will shake itself apart...and parts are real hard to come by.


Also. I dont see it in the pictures, but the lift cable goes through a bracket with a pulley on it . This mounts in a couple of holes in the frame up by the engine oil fill plug.

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