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Picked up a few attachments yesterday. Guy posted a sickle bar for sale. I started talking to him and he said he had a couple more things I might be interested in that he didn't post for sale yet. He sent me a couple pictures at night of them. I drove the 5hr round trip and got all 3 of the attachments I have been trying to find at the same time. Gonna put them to work on the 2110 I just redid as well. Been a busy month for my simplicity collection this month with these new additions. I also made a trip to my parents house and got some of my dad's stuff as well. He is the one that got me interested in Simplicity. He passed away and I was told I can have his stuff. Brought home 2 grass vacuums, a peco one and the one for a trailer collection. Also got a Soverign with the Kohler Triad in it, already swapped it out. Also got a Baron 3113. Took the gearbox out of it for the Sovereign, it had broken gears in it. Rebuilding the 13HP Briggs that was in it as well. Been a busy month like I said.







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Good looking 2010 and some nice attachments that you'll enjoy if you're like me. If I didn't have bum feet I'd have my sickle mounted and working on the tall grasses around our property. And, plowing is the finest of enjoyment. Have a good labor day weekend. 

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16 hours ago, Jtress said:

Rebuilding the 13HP Briggs that was in it as well.

FYI, the B&S 13HP is a 30 CI engine just like the 12HP. FYI, oversize pistons are nowhere to be found.

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Piston is good and I found some NOS rings for it. Good to go for as long as I will have it and be using it.  If I didn't find those rings I was gonna turn it into a 14hp motor.

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