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5216 Hydrostatic Problems


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My 5216 is bucking like a bronco. It will also creep and doesn't seem to have a neutral position anymore. I'm guessing something has worn out in the hydro drive. Does anyone have experience with this issue? I called the local dealer and asked about service, but they were like, well it's a 35 year old tractor, probably wont be able to find parts for it. 

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  You are asking about machines that I have worked on, but so many years ago and so few of them I'm not comfortable really trying to advise on them. I just don't recall to much about them.

 But while I can't answer anything much about that model, I can say that if it was brought to me with the problems you present, I'd first be looking for lost motion or free movement in the shift linkage.

 If I did not find it there then the next step IMO wold be to remove the shifter link from the arm on the hydro unit and see if that arm has slack / free movement in it.

 If it has fee movement then the trouble is inside the hydro I'd guess and it seems that I recall problems with the pintle. I have looked at the parts breakdown for that unit but still can't recall just how the pintle pivots. Sorry.

   If you get that far and feel you need to pull the pump, let us know.

Good luck

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