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Briggs vanguard 23 breather


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Hello.  This isn't a simplicity question, but thought I'd ask here, due to all the experience here.

I've got a woods zero turn with a Briggs vanguard 23, model 386447, about 1200 hours.  Yesterday, the better half was mowing and it got very hot, probably a little smoky.  Upon shutdown, I noticed the breather assembly on the side of the rocker cover on cylinder 2 had popped open and lost the internal baffle. 

She said it had run hot a half hour or so. The oil was about half full, so at least there's that. 

The breather assembly is not available separately, and is only included as part of the rocker cover, part number 843750, about $100.  This would be a mail order item.

I guess I'll have to order a new rocker cover, but would like to finish mowing in the next day or so. 

Any suggestions for a temporary fix? 

(Edit). Here's a graphic of the breather.  The internal baffle part, located just under the cover, got lost when it fell open.








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4 hours ago, Bill725 said:

Compare P/Ns.



Thanks Bill....

Was hoping for an easy answer  so I could keep being lazy. Been sick  with a good old fashioned flu the last 5 days. Well ya got me out to the shop  to get the model number, and its the same part number apparently . dOd

Mike will be happy to hear that as I am going to save him a bunch of money....





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