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Briggs and Stratton Statement on Simplicity


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I was at a Simplicity dealer yesterday and asked about this and they had heard nothing about Simplicity shutting down.

Comments on the Article from Dealers:
Market Decline?

Jeff Hoffman
September 14, 2023
The reason there was a "market decline" was because they would not / could not provide product. As a Simplicity dealer we averaged selling 60+ units a year. About half tractors and half zero turns. Over the last three years we have received only about 12 machines per year. We ordered over 60 each year. This is not a case of people not wanting tractors, it's a case of a company not wanting the business.
Chad Bertino
September 11, 2023
There was no market decline that's a lie. However there were issues with briggs being able to supply dealers with inventory the last few years. Dealers have a back log of unfulfilled orders. People wanted simplicity tractors but briggs couldn't deliver on it.
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That echoes what I have been hearing from dealers for years. Even well before the pandemic. If the needed machines to sell they had to look to other manufacturers but unfortunately no others have much of a tractor line (other than JD) 

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7 hours ago, hurleyii said:

How does this affect the legacy in the Massey Ferguson lineup

I believe the entire Massey by Simplicity line was discontinued a decade ago. The Simplicity models got the new sheet metal somewhere around 2012-2013 and Massey never got redesigned. 



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Just reading this and pretty sad. Too bad Briggs acquired them in the 1st place. I could see a Simplicity powered by a nice Kawasaki engine. I wonder if they had production problems with engines, mowers or both? That said, I hope there remains parts for these. 

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