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snow plow mount question?


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Hello, I bought this plow and mount setup. 

I thought it might fit my sovereign it has a pin mount, like a landlord or a conquest.

I am not familiar with the mounts for those tractors. any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Ken in Mi







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Here's a pic of a "newer" 42" blade that will fit a Sovereign:


If you're lucky, the hitch tab spacing will be 10-1/2" and it'll pin up to your Sovereign just like the mower deck/snowblower hitches AND it's long enough such that the lift rod bracket doesn't interfere with the hood.  

Obviously you'll have to straighten the lift rod.  In my experience, the lift rods for the Sovereign blades and snowblowers are the same except for length (older rods are a bit shorter):

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Hello,  my question was, What tractors does the plow and mount fit.

I can find part diagrams, but no link to which tractor they fit.

Maybe, I should buy a tractor that fits the plow.

I have a sovereign plow and am familiar them. 

Sorry for the confusion

Thanks Ken in Mi

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Ken - It appears that the mount fits landlord broadmoor series tractors that were made around 1999 and early 2000's, the 1600 1700 2600 2700 series models

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Check out the operator manual for that blade/hitch combo:


Maybe it'll help.  

I've bought a couple snowblowers that fit the later model tractors for the blower head.  Usually some of the parts necessary to mount the ladder hitch are missing, hopefully yours is complete.  

I was also surprised to see the hitch doesn't have the tabs for mounting:



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