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3 point for a Sunstar


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 I am thinking about making a 3 point for my Sunstar. I did a search for one online and only for one in Wisconsin and it had already sold.

I know little if anything about such having never seen one in person. anyone have pics or plans ?  Thanks

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I'm in the same boat Tarheel. I had been researching a while ago but other things have come up and haven't gotten back to it. I've attached some photos of homemade one I saw.

I found this website where it looks like you might be able to but an aftermarket 3 point hitch here....



Let me know if you come up with anything. My Sunstar has not run for a few weeks. I have to fix it and then I'll go back to working out a three point hitch.




DSC00478 (1).JPG



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 Thanks for the pics ! A good number of years back, The angle cylinder for my Ditch Witch dozier blade broke at the point where it connected to the blade. I found a weld on ball joint I believe at Tractor Supply. Something I had never ran into before. Anyway, There doesn't seem to be any on the Deutz hitch and I wonder why ? Seems like the lack of them would cause undue wear maybe as well as making it harder to hook up equipment. But as I said before, I really don't know. 

 Looks like a pretty straight forward build. The steel used is heavy and may be a pill to match the bends but I do have a hot wrench ! When and if I do move forward, I'll be sure to post. Thanks again.

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