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Progress on "Spooky" THe Agco 516H


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The little Agco that I had been calling a Regent turns out to be more like an Express (I think) . It had been parked from back in early August I believe. Some may remember it quitting (Flooding) and the mowing deck trying to come out from under it.

 It has been parked from that time until a few days ago. In the way and not mobile. I found myself between repairs. Nothing going on until after the holidays so I figured to just get it running so I could move it when needed.. I pulled it to the shop with a 7117 and then pushed it inside.

 Some may recall all the effort I spent to get this thing running from the start. I think I ended up trying 4 different carbs on it and going through some of those a number of times. The carbs were a problem but the main issue was the timing advance module. Once that piece was replaced, Things went much better. But the issue with the carbs kept coming up. I had threatened to bypass the fuel pump before and when I pulled the carb this time and found it once again with good quarter teaspoon of black dust in the float bowl, I did just that. Everything else in the fuel system had either been cleaned as is the case with the fuel tank or replaced. Fuel pump, lines, filter and carbs.

 Black dust or particles in the float bowl almost always means fuel lines breaking down on the inside and losing pieces but as I said those were new. The only part left was the metal fuel line that crosses over the top of the engine from the pump to a short rubber line to the carb. So I bypassed the fuel pump. I only have maybe 10 minutes run time on it but so far so good. It is very cold natured now though and I guess I will try and replace the steel line with copper over the next few days.

 Next I stared on the mowing deck to find out why it came loose. Turns out it had been installed wrong at some point and the front mounts had dirt and grass packed into them to the point the lock could not get in place. Cleaned that up and the mount dropped and locked as it was made to do.

 Next I once again addressed the height adjuster. (For the second time) The lift arm on the deck has a bent tang that locks into slots for height adjustment but will pull out of the slots at random and drop to the lowest setting. This lift arm was bent in a number of places when I got it and I had no real idea what needed to be there and what not. But I had hammered it back into what seemed right without much improvement. Tonight I again removed the arm and after a bit of looking and more hammering I was able to reinstall it and drove the machine for a bit over rough ground without the deck dropping. I'm not stopping there though. There is not IMO enough pressure from the springs to hold it in place as is and I have no idea if the spring/s are weak or if the arm is bent in such a way that they can't do the job. A stronger spring is not a problem. The arm drops down into a channel where is is held in place by a bolt and spring. If that doesn't work I may install a crank like the Broadmoors use.

 I have far more effort in this little machine than it is worth but not a great deal of money. I have no real need of it and if I can ever get it going to the point I feel it is dependable, I'll likely give it to someone who needs but can't afford one. There is an Express for sale near me. $50 ROFLOL!


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